Friday, June 06, 2008

Rambling panic

I have about a third of my rough draft done.

Now I have to get the pitch ready.

I was going to write a pithy little blog full of humor, but really, I 'am panicked. Why? Honestly; I'm a afraid of looking like a fool and of rejection.

Really; its not like I've had haven't had rejection. My first story was sent back with a "It has predictable ending." *sigh*

My first acceptance was an article for a Self Defense magazine...! And now; I've gotten two articles in The Pulse, a magazine put out by the Heart Center and I help edit (and get credit for it!).

Now its time to pitch a book. (For those of you who read my earlier post--I'm drinking a lot of tea...but lately I've added wine a time or two...)

For some reason, my normal fairly creative self has gone on vacation AT THE WRONG TIME. I keep writing and re-writing my pitch and what do I get.


In spite of schlock; I'll pitch. I'll let you know what happens; if I don't have a heart attack before then.

So; to help myself; I've let myself just express my anxiety on the screen. Tell me how you dealt with your anxiety and the good and the bad....


Christy Reece said...

Mary, you'll do fine. Everyone's nervous, even sometimes the editor or agent. We're all human.

Just take a deep breath and smile, you'll do great and be so proud of yourself when it's done.

Oh, peppermint candy is great for a queasy stomach and it freshens breath too!

MaryF said...

LOL; that's just what I needed. I am actually focusing on the positive. I should never blog when I am tired...all the junk ends up on screen.

Diane Richmond said...

You know, Mary, I have found the editors to be really nice. If you tell them you are nervous they bend over backwards to help you and put you at ease. I always practice and re-practice my pitch, but then I get in there and just talk. I use the basic format of what I have written, but follow it loosely.

I know that you will do well.

JoAnn said...

One thing that helped me was to remind myself (over and over) "This is NOT my only chance. If I blow it, it doesn't mean I will never see this book published." Seemed to ease my anxiety. :-)

Good luck!