Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ode to the Hubby

In my last blog, I wrote about going to Gatlinburg for a couple's retreat. Well, I'm proud to announce that it was awesome! I had a great time and discovered friendships I may not have had the opportunity to find if I hadn't opened myself up to the experience. But, I also uncovered something else. Something very profound. I detailed this discovery below in my version of a Top 10 (Okay, Top 5) I fondly call:

The Reasons I Love My Husband (Previously entitled, I Love Him, Ya'll!)

5. I adore his strength: While I admittedly go a tad bit squeamish over insects of the many-legged variety, he is my cricket-crusher...I ask you, who needs Raid??

4. He thinks my "jiggle" is sexy: He sees me naked and still believes I'm the same tight-bodied co-ed he fell in love with ten years ago.

3. He's my reality-check: While I often place pressure on myself to be the perfect employee, friend and mother, he assures me that it's quite all right to be imperfect. After all, I fall short in performing my wifely duties all the time...I was talking about cooking and cleaning!! Geesh, people!

2. He prays for me: He asks God to bless me with my dream of becoming a published writer...of course the fact that he wants to be a stay-at-home-dad has nothing to do with it! He always has my best interests at heart!

And, the Number One reason I love my husband...

1. He loves me: He allows me to blast Celtic Woman and Chicago in the car with only a minimal amount of eye rolling, asks me how my day went and actually listens to the response, plays Taboo wih me, watches the kids while I take a twelve-hour nap, AND knows who Nora Roberts, Linda Howard and Christine Feehan are!



Anonymous said...

Man! My memomy must be going...I don't remember you being THAT tight-bodied ten years ago...

(this is her sister..hi everybody!)

JoAnn said...

He sounds like one-in-a-million. I'd hang on to him if I were you. :-)

(And weren't we ALL tight-bodied ten years ago? As long as no one digs up photos to prove otherwise. :-)


Naima said...

I have officially burned all the evidenced and roasted hot dogs over them! LOL!

Diane Richmond said...

The key, Naima, is that he LISTENS to you. You are a lucky woman.