Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have afternoon tea once a week with my children. I have it for myself at least three times a week.


I find having tea comforting and a relaxing time. It was introduced to me by my parents when I was young, who gave it to me when I was ill. I just ran with the idea. Now I use it to calm and to cope with stressful things in my life (it is better than many other things I cant think of).

I like to share tea. For example, when my friend lost her job a few months back; I invited her to tea-she'd never done this before. It was a time to talk, vent, encourage, and laugh. Now it something we share when we can, even after she found a new job.

It is a ritual with my daughters; ages seven and ten. It is a method to connect with them. I had them drink tea (decaf) as soon as they could pick up a cup. I hope as they get older it will be something I can use to bridge the gap as they navigate puberty (I'll probably need a lot of tea).

What type of tea do I like? I prefer black teas with milk; but herb teas are lovely. I like jasmine, and lavender teas. My true favorite, is rose tea. Yum.

Currently I like to make a small pot while I read or write. Sometimes, I don't have time to do it--but when I do it gets me in the mind set quickly.

What do you use to comfort yourself? What do you use to write and focus?

Tell me a bit; those things that have lent itself to your life that you never expected.
Note: I do love coffee too, but there is something precious about tea!


JoAnn said...

Mary, all I can say is this: If you manage to get through your daughters' teen years on tea alone, you're a better woman than I! LOL! I needed a good stiff belt on a regular basis (and I don't mean the leather thing to hold up pants -- although, that might have worked too!).

But my girls are 23 and 20 now, and so wonderful. All the agony we went through was truly worth it.

I know that's not the question you asked, but I couldn't resist. :-) I love tea too!

MaryF said...

Well, I pretty much anticipate I'll be eyeing the alcohol longingly...LOL

Still; I'm hoping.

One day we have to have tea! :)

Diane Richmond said...


If you like tea there is an Earl Grey with Lavender that is so wonderful. I buy 3 boxes at a time, every time I come to the chapter meeting. It is habit forming.