Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Love Scene

I can't tell you how many interviews I've heard where the man or woman talk about a hot scene in a movie and always say there's nothing sexy about shooting the scene with fifty people standing around watching while the director tells them where to place their hands and mouths and how to move. Yeah, sure. ::snicker::

When I'm writing a love scene in my books, I've gotten to the point I have to be in the mood. Yep, that kind of sexy, let's get it on mood. Yeah, yeah, I know - TMI! But otherwise I hate writing them. Of course, then you wonder "Why put them in there?" Well, I love reading hot love scenes. So I need them to be in my books too.

While I was writing one tonight, I remembered something I read and went back to research it and came across this great article, Hollywood Sex: What's Hot or Not. I think everyone will enjoy it and maybe realize a thing or two. LOL!

Tell me what do you do to help write "those" scenes?


JoAnn said...

I like to read great love scenes from my favorite authors to get me in the mood. There are five or six that I go back to time and again. Not to copy them, of course, but I try to read them with a clinical eye: What makes them so wonderful? Can I create the same kind of feeling my scene?

Christy Reece said...

Have to admit, a nice glass of Merlot always helps me.

Naima said...

Okay...I'm so putting myself out there. But,for me, it's Chicago. Yes! The music group! I heard you laugh, but it's true!!

Carla Swafford said...

Naima, which songs do it for ya? Lowdown? I'm a Man? Must Have Been Crazy? Stay the Night? No Tell Lover? Wait, wait, I know it's Baby, What A BIG Surprise! LOL!

Naima said...

Y'know, Carla, if I were in the mood to further embarrass myself I would say I'm A Man, Love Me Tomorrow, Hard Habit to Break, You're the Inspiration, No Tell Lover and (sigh!) Baby What A Big Surprise really get my fingers typing. But, mind you, only if I were in the mood, would I admit this! hee! hee! hee!