Monday, May 19, 2008

Grand--or Not So Grand--Finales

Tis the season for television finales. There is only one show that grabs me and holds me captive every week: The Office. The show overflows with a myriad of subplots, but the one I love the most is the oft-stumbling romance between Jim and Pam. For the first three seasons, Jim's unrequited love for Pam was heart-wrenching, even though this is a comedy. But at the beginning of this season, they were finally together. And of course, every fan expected Jim to propose to Pam for the season finale.

He didn't. He wanted to, but he didn't, thanks to some unexpected plot twists.

I was so disappointed. "Why would the writers do that to me!" I shouted at the TV. And then I stopped myself. I am a writer. I know why they did that. They did it to make sure I'm parked right in front of my television come the beginning of Season 6. And of course, I will. Because they hooked me. I want to know what happens.

Isn't that just what we all want as readers? To know what happens? And isn't that our job as writers? To make sure our readers want to know what happens?

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Carla Swafford said...

Yes. There should be questions throughout the book, especially in the beginning.

That's why I shake my head whenever a contest judge writes questions all of a entry and then marks it down for not answering them all in the first few pages.

Silly, silly judge!