Saturday, May 17, 2008

Books I Can't Forget

Every once in a while I read a book that leaves me in awe of the writer. I have found that those books are the ones that touch me on an emotional level.

As a teenager I read The Plague, by Albert Camus. His description of the bubonic plague and its aftermath left me with vivid mental pictures that haunted my dreams for months. I still remember this book. Someday I will go back and re-read this novel to see if it still affects me in the same way. I suspect that it will. It is a powerful book.

Recently I read a book that left me in tears. I knew that the characters were fictional. So was the story, but it was told so well that I was moved to the point that I forgot that it was just a figment of the writer's imagination. I was genuinely sad. To my mind this was great writing.

What books have moved you? Did they play on your emotions and make you laugh, cry or just feel for the characters?

P.S. If you are wondering what book moved me to tears---check out: Firely Lane, by Kristin Hannah. It is well worth the read.


Carla Swafford said...

Linda Howard's CRY NO MORE

JoAnn said...

The late Fay Robinson's A MAN LIKE MAC.

Christy Reece said...

The Rolling Years by Agnes Sligh Turnbull. Wonderful family saga!

Castles in the Air by Patricia Gallagher

Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor

The last two were the first love stories I read where I realized not all love stories have happy ever afters. I think they were the last two love stories I read too. Really love and need those happy endings!