Monday, April 07, 2008

Planes, buses, and automobiles, thank goodness no trains.

A doctor threw up next to me. (at least it wasn’t on me)

I was returning from a meeting I had been sent to with my boss. We were packed into a small buss on the way to the Chicago O’hare airport when the man decided he was going to get sick. He even announced his intentions. Now, on this bus was a mix of doctors and nurses and who actually tried to solve this? –the nurses.

Was the end of the adventure: Oh no.

Too make it more fun, it was snowing; those big fat wet flakes that stick and turns to slush. We made it to the airport and you know what they did? You guessed it: They canceled the damn flight ten minutes before boarding. (Do you see a trend here; it's not pretty)

The next flight to Huntsville was 0710 in the morning and they couldn’t get me on any other one; but they would put me up in a hotel (oh yay...). My boss (whom I was traveling with) and I looked at each other and went back to the gate; the flight before was still boarding, but it was going to Nashville. We took it.

That's when I got a brilliant idea: I volunteered my husband to come pick us up in Nashville; but that only works if the person in question can be communicated with. My battery was low on the cell phone and he was not near a phone. (I mean it was 70 degrees in Huntsville and he and the kids were outside; why would they be in side awaiting my call?) It also helps if you remember the flight number. (I think I need to take more Ginko.) Bottom line; no one would pick us up in Nashville.

Then our plane sat on the tarmac for over an hour as they de-iced the plane. Gee, were they going to cancel this one too?

There is something eery about seeing planes line up with it snowing so hard you cannot see the airport itself and watch as one by one they take off with really no visual to go by.--Now I know why I am not a pilot.

My boss and I did get to Nashville and rented a car to drive to Huntsville. Honestly, I really hope I didn’t say anything too stupid, because I was a bit loopy by that time. We made it to the Huntsville Airport with out incident (and did you know my boss does not use turn signals? Guess who's driving the next time?--ME).

I forgot to call my husband and tell him he was picking me up at the Huntsville Airport.


I did make it home.

So tell me, what kind of crazy travel experience have you had? Was it good? Bad? Funny? How does it help your writing? -it just helps my sarcasm.


Christy Reece said...

I feel for you, Mary. Remember the day when traveling was fun?

I have numerous bad travel stories, but there's one that always gets me smiling. It was just so silly.

I went to school for three weeks for my new job. I hated leaving all the new friends I'd made, so we stayed up all night. The next day, I fell asleep on the plane. When I woke up, we were landing. So I got off. Unfortunately, I got off at the wrong airport. I made arrangements to get to the right airport, but had to wait a while. I called my sister, since my family was meeting at the airport. She immediately started crying. I think she was afraid she'd never see me again. Anyway, I made it back, six hours later than I was supposed to, but I got there.

And I haven't slept on a plane since then!

MaryF said...

Oh my! I think I wouldn't sleep either! It's amazing how a straight forward trip just doesn't happen some days....:)

JoAnn said...

Once when my girls were much younger, we took a trip to Niagara Falls. When we arrived at the Atlanta airport, we learned our flight had been canceled. Then we learned that there were approximately 150 people in line at the Delta counter. So an hour and a half later when we reached the counter, the not-very-smart person put us on a plane that was leaving in 20 minutes. I said "Do we have time to make it to the gate?" "Yes!" she said without looking at the clock. I said "I'm not so sure..." She then gave me a look and said "Well, you can't dawdle." I said fine, give me the tickets. So we took off running, --me, hubby, and two children under the age of 10. And with two minutes to spare, we saw the gate. The gate attendant waved at us as we approached and said "Are you the Weatherlys?" "Yes," I said, my chest heaving and grateful he had held the plane for us.

His answer? "Well,you've missed this flight. You'll have to go back to the ticket counter and book another flight."

It's a good thing I don't know how to use a gun.


MaryF said...

I'd have thrown my purse at him...LOL Oh I feel for you.