Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hugs From Alabama

Something that happened to one of my neighbor’s a couple years ago came to mind today and I thought I would share it with you.

My neighbor on the right has a beautiful chalet-type house, all windows and glass doors with a large deck and equally large porch in the front. Their bedroom is actually in the front on the bottom floor. Strange design but it works.

Well, one night my neighbor’s husband heard someone on their porch. He sat up, waiting to see what happened next. One man started to work at the screen door, tearing one corner, apparently not realizing it went into the master bedroom instead of a living room. While his cohort walked around the porch, probably keeping an eye out, and triggered the motion light at the corner of the house. The two would-be burglars ran.

To this day, I wonder if those two men knew how close one of them came to death, as my neighbor’s husband had his gun pointed at the guy’s forehead who worked on the screen door, waiting for him to break into house. As we all know in Alabama, once a burglar sticks a body part into your home, he’s yours.

Certainly the Lord decided to turn on the light to protect them.

We don’t break into homes, but we travel on highways where fatalities happen every day, believing it won’t happen to us. How often do we go along our everyday routine and not realize how close to death we’ve been?

Life is way too short to take it for granted. I know that’s why my obsession with writing has become so strong. I want to make every minute count, to mean something. The older I get, the more important every second means to me. Being with family, telling them I love them, hugging friends, and even being there for those that need a sympathetic ear. So here’s my hug to you, dear friends. HUGGGGG!


JoAnn said...

Huggin' right back atcha, Carla. Very profound blog. Thanks for reminding us.

MaryF said...

Hugs to you Carla. :)