Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Winners!

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Southern Magic congratulates the winners of the 2008 Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest.

Series Short/Long Contemporary
Judged by Susan Litman, Editor, Silhouette

1. The Nature of Love by JoAnn Weatherly *full requested*
2. Heart Strings by Joan Turner *full requested*
3. Sweet Cheeks by Sheryll Gallagher *full requested*
4. A Question of Magic by Madelaine Culp
5. Sand Stalker by Cynthia D’Alba

Single Title
Judged by Selina McLemore, Editor, Grand Central Publishers

1. Cowboy Games by Wendi Christner
2. Personal Assets by Gwendolyn Lucas
3. Last Straw by Ann Fischer & Linda Baxter
4. Dog Nanny by Ann Whitaker
5. Cedar Hill by Annette L. Couch-Jareb

Romantic Suspense
Judged by Lauren McKenna, Executive Editor, Pocket

1. Harvesting the Moon by Patricia Canavan
2. Pressing Matters by Adrienne Maynard
3. Stronger Than Bone by Kendra Elliot
4. Safe in Enemy Arms by Joan Swan
5. InSight by Polly Iyer
HM: Deadly Recall by Donnell Ann Bell

Judged by Alicia Condon, VP, Editorial Director, Dorchester

1. Through the Fire by Beth Trissel *full requested*
2. Once Upon a Masquerade by Tamara Hughes
3. Entrapping the Earl by Donna Rosenbloom
4. Courageous Heart by Sheri Humphreys
5. Fatal Fortune by Joanne Barnaba

Unique Genres
Selena James, Executive Editor, Kensington

1. Incredible Dreams by Sandra De Taranto
2. The Big Easy by Donna Herren & Gabrielle Goldforb
3. The Time Traveling Matchmaker by Janie Emaus
4. Blood Runs Thicker: A Vampire Detective Agency Novel by Leah Hodge
5. Kismet's Kiss by Cate Rowan

Carla Swafford
LH AoE Contest Coordinator

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