Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Soft, Warm Blanket On a Cold Winter's Night

I've been under the weather the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to write. Between naps and pain meds, my brain is way too fuzzy to form a coherent sentence, but thankfully I can read. Though I have plenty on my TBR stack, I can't help but go back and visit some of my old favorites. Not only are they wonderful reads, but there's something comforting in knowing exactly what's going to happen and already liking the's a feeling of security you don't have when you start a book you've not read before. I needed the comfort, so I went looking for some of my favorites.

I just reread two Silhouette books by Kay Hooper. Published in the late 80's and early 90's, these two books are my favorite of hers. Enemy Mine and The Haviland Touch. Very sweet, sensual and romantic. Wonderful reads. I've read them at least ten times and each time, I close the books with a smile on my face.

I feel so blessed to have many favorites like these. They comfort and entertain me at the same time. What about you? What's a favorite of yours that you've read numerous times and you always close the book with a smile on your face?


JoAnn said...

Christy, I hope you're feeling better every day and are 100% real soon!

I love going back to the Nora Roberts's Born In trilogy when I want a comfort read. Born in Fire was the book that launched me into the wonderful world of romance. I have three copies of each book in the series -- one in pristene condition, a dog-eared one that I read for fun, and one marked up with margin notes.

Carla Swafford said...

Funny that you mentioned Enemy Mine by Kay Hooper. I had pulled her book from TBR pile the other day. Probably got it at conference somewhere. So far I've enjoyed it.

My re-reads (though it's been a long time now) have been Linda Howard's All The Queens Men and Sara's Child, and Candice Camp's (writing as Lisa Gregory) Rainbow Season.

Deborah Matthews said...

Hope you're feeling better, Christy.

My favorite re-reads are Julie Garwood's Honor's Splendour, The Secret, Saving Grace, and a few other of her historicals. Also, Amanda Quick's Ravished & Rendezevous.

Naima said...

Hi, Christy!
I hope you're feeling better. There are only two good things about being sick and they're medicated sleep and books! My absolute old favorites are Linda Howard's Son of the Morning and Julie Garwood's Ransom and Saving Grace. I've read each of them countless times, and I swear, I discover something else I love every time! I think I might go pick one of them up now! Get well soon!