Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prayer of a Prepublished Writer

Dear God,
As I rise out of my bed this morning and head out the door to the job that pays the bills while working towards becoming a published writer, I ask for several things. Please help me to give my job at least six hours today instead of the five I gave yesterday while editing my latest chapter and surfing the net for contests and workshops. Also, Father, please increase my hand-eye coordination so that when someone comes up behind me, I click on "minimize" swiftly and accurately instead of hitting "maximize" by mistake. It's pretty embarrassing.

Speaking of increase, please add to my strength, enabling me to resist the temptation of Debra Webb's newest release so I may complete the chapter that has been giving me fits for the past week. By the way, I know I should have been writing when I watched "Moment of Truth", but that was purely for psychological research into the human mind for my manuscript. I'm sure you understand.

God, help me to forgive the judges of the contest I entered who didn't score my entry high enough to place. I mean, obviously, they didn't recognize my brilliance and unique style...its not their fault. I'm apparently ahead of my time. Take my word for it, switching point of view three times in one paragraph is going to catch on any day now.

And, finally, Father, I thank you for the gift of creativity and imagination You have blessed me with. Thank you for the ability to paint the images in my mind through words instead of brush and easel. Thank you for choosing me...I promise to only use my powers for good.

P.S.-Oh, and God, when my manuscript is finally published, please don't let my supervisor recognize herself as the person offed in the first's strictly creative license. I promise.


Christy Reece said...

Oh Naima, wonderful post! And believe it or not, I have often muttered the same prayers.

Carla Swafford said...

LOL! Say one for me too.

Deb's newest was wonderful --- sorry for tempting you from your good work. :-)

JoAnn said...


MaryF said...

What a great post!!!

Allie said...

Great post! A prayer with which many of us can identify. :-)

Mena said...

My precious little butterfly~ I see your wings spreading getting ready for that final flight! I am proud to say that I have sat, ate, cried and prayed with a Best Selling "PUBLISHED" author!!!!