Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Muse

Our last couple of blogs have dealt with what initially inspires us to write and then keeps us writing when we hit those rough spots in our writing journey.
We have not touched on those people we come in contact with, along the way, who always seem to know when we most need a mental boost. I call this person my Muse. My Muse always seems to call or email when I need it most. There must be some psychic thread that binds us and warns her when I most need a word of encouragement.
In my case, my Muse was the first person to encourage me to write and her support has not wavered. She read my first novel and told me it was good. She inquires about my current work in progress and asks to stay involved. She is the first person to read what I have written. Then I surrender it to my critique group. I know that I thank her and tell her I appreciate what support she has given me, but somehow that doesn't seem enough. I go to her first because I know that when I am first exposing my baby to outside eyes that hers will be supportive. Then, I go to my critique group because they tell me the unvarnished truth. Writing would be so much less rewarding without both of these support systems.
Today is the occasion of my Muse's birthday. I am proud to count my sister, Linda, as my Muse. She is generous of spirit, supportive at all times and an individual worth knowing. Happy Birthday, Seester!
We all have those that we consider Muses. Who is yours?


Carla Swafford said...

It's because of my sister that I finally got the nerve up to start sending out my manuscripts again.

Though she doesn't feel comfortable critiquing my stories, she encourages me to write.

Hey, everyone needs at least one person in their life that will read your work and tell you only the parts they like. Though you know most of it is because they love you, even a little Bandaid can heal a world of hurts. As we all know, they're plenty of people out there willing to tell you the bad stuff.

And my sister's birthday is Tuesday! And she's no one's fool. :-)

Naima said...

Believe it or not, I have two people I consider my Muses. My husband and my father. And they are the two people I was most afraid of confessing my dream to of becoming a published writer. When I was younger and told my Dad that I wanted to be singer--like the female equivalent of New Edition--he told me, "We have scholars in this family, not entertainers". He claims not to remember this, but this infamous quote was why it took so much for me to finally sit down--just the two of us--and tell him my dream. And, the first thing he asked me? Have you had it copywritten? Not "Lets get serious, Naima" or "What are you going to do with your degree you spent four plus years on?", just if this is what you want, you need to go after it with everything in you. I love him so much! 'Cause I knew if he believed in me--this pragmatic, no-nonsense man--than I could do this!

And, then my husband...I knew he was going to tell me to stop chasing fairy tales and that I needed a "real job" to support the family. But, he didn't. He told me to go for it because he wants to be an at-home dad one day. And to this day, these two men in my life constantly push and encourage me when I doubt my ownself. I thank God for them everyday. So, this got a little bit mushy (I swear I'm not tearing up!!), but those are my two Muses!

MaryF said...

My muses are many, but each give me something to keep going.

My late father who fostered my imagination. My best friend Jen, who I trust implicitly with my writing, who is truthful and encouraging. My husband and children who believe in me. My fellow writers, who with their humor, wisdom, and creativity have encouraged me more than you know (I feel like I am at the oscars and now I want to name names...LOL, but I'll hold back!)