Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Black Moment

I almost gave up this week.

The important thing is I didn’t.

It was a close call, I let things overwhelm me. My life, like many of yours, is very busy. I could blather on about what interferes, but let’s face it. WE ALL have issues.

For me, writing is like a nagging ache that is constantly with me. I want to write-always- but when things got busy (you know the husband with a broken foot, work, kids, now school) I almost let the greatest enemy of all win—despair and negativity.

Then I saw a post written by a fellow writer, Lynn Harris, who had just had a big win. She is someone who has struggled with writing for years and it was the simplicity of her statement that hit me at the right time.

Never Give Up.

I know this is true. I always have, but it came at the right time and place. So I picked myself up and dusted myself off and told myself to keep on going; one sentence, one word at a time. Christy Reece, another fellow writer wrote a blog on the 24th about hitting potholes and speed-bumps. Still, she got herself together and kept on--so I am too.

So, what has nearly derailed your writing? What made YOU decide to keep on when you felt utter despair? Was it something funny? Serious? Or just a kick in the pants?

All I know is: Keep on writing.

(posted for Mary Freeman)


Christy Reece said...

Mary, we've all been there.

In late 2006, I'd all but given up writing. Rejections and self doubt had gotten me down. One day, frustrated and angry, mostly with myself, I just started writing. I wrote what I would want to read, never even thinking about selling it. After the first three chapters, I stopped. Fear again. The voice was so different and the story much darker than anything I'd ever written. Then, after the first of the year, I took a couple of online courses that energized me and gave me the impetus to move forward with my story. I ended up finishing that book in two weeks. That's the book I pitched to my agent and it's the book that sold.

Lynn is so right. Never give up! If this is what you truly want to do, no matter what roadblocks life puts in front of you, veer to the left or right, watch out for oncoming traffic and keep going!

LOL. I seem to be stuck on a road theme.

JoAnn said...

Years ago, I dreamed of being a writer -- someday. It was my fantasy. I dabbled with words and stories, never really committing myself. But in my mind, I knew I would be a writer -- someday.

Then I saw an interview with the brilliant mystery author P.D. James. In answer to some question I don't remember, she said (and I'm paraphrasing) "When I was in my thirties, I suddenly realized that if I didn't get my act together and start writing, I would someday be saying to my grandchildren 'You know, I always wanted to be a writer.' "

That was a trumpet-blasting wake-up call for me. I don't want to tell my grandchildren (when I actually have them! :-) "I wanted to be a writer." I want to say "Will you come with me to my next book signing?"

I'm glad you didn't give up. Plus, you nailed it. You have the writing gene. You can't give up writing any more than you can give up breathing.

Naima said...

Self doubt and lack of confidence in my writing sometimes sneaks up on me and attacks! Like when the judge in this contest I entered last year told me my hero was anal...I felt like she'd called my husband a *&^#%@$@!!! After getting past the urge to black both of her eyes, I was so hurt! It made me feel like, what am I doing here? What makes me think I can become published? Delusions of grandeur 'n all. But, like JoAnn, I don't want to say years from now, I always wanted to be a writer. The dream is worth pursuing and working hard for. And, every step--although sometimes it may seem like I'm playing "Mother May I?" with the one step forward, two steps back--is worth it. It's a victory!

This week I had to deal with my own "Black Moment". Still dealing, actually. But, what I did was continue to write and enter another contest. How's that for being a glutton for punishment? LOL! I guess like Lynn said, never give up and keep pushing. It's tough, but every victory is like a french vanilla coffee with five packs of sugar and four creamers--S-W-E-E-T!!

MaryF said...

You all have encouraged me! Keep on, keep on!

ANd you know, Christy, I think I will get angry..and WRITE. :)

Keep writing, you all have the gift and call....

and Carla, THANK YOU oh most wonderful person for posting this. :)