Friday, February 29, 2008

Ten Signs of You've Been To Too Many Conferences

10. You have enough bookmarks to wallpaper your bathroom.
9. You have a suitcase just for books.
8. You use a stop watch to time your pitch.
7. Your shelves are full of program booklets.
6. You bring your own name card holder.
5. You know your targeted editor’s conference schedule better than their own assistant.
4. You’re automatically upgraded to concierge level by the hotels.
3. You know your meal choice will be chicken or chicken.
2. You rate conferences by the quality of their goodie bags.
1. You begin to lip-synch the keynote speakers' addresses.

List by Diane Richmond and Carla Swafford at the Shreveport NOLA conference. What do you want to add?

1 comment:

JoAnn said...

This list just whets my appetite! I haven't been to enough lately. Silken Sands, here I come! :-)