Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Setting Your Muse Loose

Okay, I know muse and loose don't rhyme, but you get my drift. My muse has been playing peek-a-boo lately. She comes out for only a few minutes a day and then disappears without so much as a goodbye. No matter how loud I scream for her, she ignores me. It really scares my dogs when I do that, so I've stopped screaming. Now I just quietly seethe until she returns.

A watched pot never boils and a blank screen doesn't magically have words on it no matter how hard you stare. Believe me, I know. So the other day, after quietly seething for hours, waiting for her to return, I decided to do something else. We have company coming this weekend and since housework is on the very bottom of any list I've ever created, I thought I'd get started. Our shower alone could supply enough penicillin for the entire state for the rest of the year. Right in the middle of scrubbing the shower, lo and behold, my muse returned. A plot point I'd been stuck on became unstuck.

I've noticed that happens quite often. When I get stuck, if I get up and do something else, my muse returns with an idea. Sadly, I don't like housework enough to get up and clean every time my muse runs off. But at least I know how to get her back.

What about you? What sets your muse loose?

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JoAnn said...

Christy, I remember hearing an author say that she kept a notebook on her bedside table to capture the ideas that came to her in the "twilight" between sleeping and waking. I thought it was a good idea and wrote down some stuff as I was falling asleep. When I read it the next day, it was gibberish! However, I've had better luck with the waking-up twilight. They're not all brilliant ideas, but sometimes I can at least fix a problem. So I guess my short answer to "What sets your muse loose?" would be waking up! :-)