Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's Baaaack!

The juggernaut American Idol started back last month. The first shows of the auditions are my favorite. I never knew so many people were so far out of reality. Some just want their fifteen minutes, but some that are awful really think they can sing. Last week there was even a moment when Simon admitted he was wrong. Wow!

Next week all those who made it through go to Hollywood. They can play an instrument this year. And no groups! From previews though, there is still drama.

American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures. It has nothing to do with life or anything important. I can't sing very well, but at least I know it. Maybe it affirms that my feet are rooted in reality.

What is your guilty pleasure?


Dixie Belle said...

Anything with Christian Bale in it!

Christy Reece said...

Have to...not just like to...have to watch Friends everyday. Gives me my daily laughs.

I go to the bookstore or grocery store and look at the bookshelf, imagining what my books will look like on the shelf. So if you see a woman standing in front of a bookshelf with her eyes closed, it's probably me!

Have to watch Fox's Shepherd Smith at 2:00 every day. He's a Mississippi boy and just so cute!