Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let it Snow!

About 1:30 this afternoon it started snowing lightly here. Now, an hour and half later, it's snowing fairly heavily, even sticking here and there. What is it about snow that feels us with childlike glee?

Is it because we don't see it very often? Because it was always a treat when it did snow because we didn't have to go to school? Little Kitty and Miss Kitty were intrigued by the snow, but are smart enough to have retreated inside.

My favorite childhood snow memory is Mama used to make snow ice cream. It was such a treat. Not that you could do it today. What's your favorite snow memory?


MaryF said...

It was the first snow of the season. I am from Minnesota, and that first one created such a wonderful magical feeling.

I also, like walking at night when the snow is falling and the street lights are on...that is truly magical.

Ok, so I have two memories.

Carla Swafford said...

My mom and dad coming to pick me up in 1964 at my cousin's house in Hueytown. If I got the year right. It was in March - unusual -- makes you think about 1993, but a much smaller scale.

I got to ride in the little shelf of the rear window of my dad's 1932coupe. LOL! Of course, that was before seatbelts and carseats for kids.

JoAnn said...

I have several, but my favorite goes way back too.

It was my freshman year at Auburn, 19--uh, nevermind.

It was the end of exams -- a Friday, and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I had a HUGE design project due at 8 a.m. and an art history exam at 10. I had been up for 24 hours working on my design project, and hadn't studied a lick for art history. After I turned in my project, I called my mom in tears. (I think my logic was that maybe I could squeeze some sympathy from her before she found out that I'd be flunking art history.)

Anyway, she said she'd say a prayer for me. A few minutes later, I heard some girls making a commotion in the dorm hallway, talking about snow. I looked out the window, and low and behold, it was actually snowing. Hard. And sticking. And people were out in the quad playing and having snowball fights. And I got even more depressed because I couldn't go play; I had to study for this stupid exam. I cried some more, I think.

And then it happend. Someone came running down the hall yelling that all classes had been canceled, and all exams for Friday would be given on Monday. I was ecstatic! I had a reprieve -- and two more days to study! I threw down my book and went out to play.

We had 8 inches of snow that day. And we all played in it. All weekend. All two days that I was supposed to be studying.

I flunked my art history exam after all. But we sure had fun in the snow.

Christy Reece said...

JoAnn, had to laugh at your memory. Sounds like something I would do/did in college.

My favorite snow memory. I was home alone. My mom was at work, can't remember where my sisters were. It started snowing and I watched it from the window for a long while. Then, I couldn't wait any longer. And since my mom wasn't there, I rushed outside, barefoot and ran around the house several times in exuberant joy.

I can't remember how cold my feet got that day, but I still remember the excitement and happiness of just being alive.

Deborah Matthews said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, ladies. Yesterday's snow even accumulated for a while. My car and front yard was covered.

MaryF said...

I think there is to me more snow tomorrow....:) I can hardly wait. Perhaps we can make some more memories.