Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jane Austen Never Goes Out of Style

Within the next two weeks, two movies dealing with Jane Austen are being released on DVD. I have them at the top of my Netflix queue along with Elizabeth: The Golden Age. They are Becoming Jane and The Jane Austen Book Club.

About Becoming Jane Yahoo! Movies says: "The year is 1795 and young Jane Austen is a feisty 20-year-old and emerging writer who already sees a world beyond class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice, and dreams of doing what was then nearly unthinkable - marrying for love. Naturally, her parents are searching for a wealthy, well-appointed husband to assure their daughter's future social standing. They are eyeing Mr. Wisley, nephew to the very formidable, not to mention very rich, local aristocrat Lady Gresham, as a prospective match. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. His intellect and arrogance raise her ire - then knock her head over heels. Now, the couple, whose flirtation flies in the face of the sense and sensibility of the age, is faced with a terrible dilemma. If they attempt to marry, they will risk everything that matters - family, friends and fortune."

If they stick to historical fact, we know how it will end. No HEA for Jane. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to see it.

About The Jane Austen Book Club Yahoo! Movies says: "In modern-day California, six women in a book club find their lives and romances reflected in the six novels of English author Jane Austen."

Interesting concept. I'll just have to wait and see if it's good or a wallbanger.

I only have one more disc to go to have finished watching The Tudors, the ShowTime series about Henry VIII. It's been quite good!

Any new movies you're chomping at the bit to see?


Carla Swafford said...

I had planned to go and see ATONEMENT until I read a review that ended with the words "fatal romance." So I knew then it didn't have a HEA. ::sigh::

Deborah Matthews said...

"Fatal romance" is such a downer. I've gotten to the point in life where I'm not intersted in those types of movies. I'd rather smile and laugh.

MaryF said...

Um...Spiderwyck is what I am looking forward too...its not romance, but it looks nifty. (and the books were delightful).

Lately, I have not found any nice romantic fun movies; where are the Ever After, Pretty Woman, and Princess Bride type movies?????