Monday, January 14, 2008

Cleaning out the Cobwebs

Today I cleaned my desk.

Yes, it made me avoid writing, but it did something else. It organized my thoughts and better yet...I have this clean surface that is begging for me to sit down at it and do SOMETHING. (I have a lot of "something" I need to be doing too)

In the process I found some notes I've forgotten about (I think I can still put that scene in....). There is rough draft of the first part of my story (that really helped) and unfortunately a forgotten bill (Damn) and it's due tomorrow. Gee.

I've even organized a bit (OK, it was half hearted). But, I have a note book now that has most of my notes and I put the ones that are written on napkins and sticky notes in a pocket protector (I wonder if I will look at it again?).

Now off I go to write...

What do you do to get you focused into writing? What distracts you? And have you cleaned off your desk or workspace lately?

Next time...I think I'll talk about finding more time by syphoning off bits from the space-time continuum...or as it's titled "Why Coffee is My Friend".


Carla Swafford said...

I believe everyone is focusing on writing or cleaning!! LOL!

MaryF said...

A true January endeavor!