Sunday, December 23, 2007

Romance at Christmas

This time of year you can always count on tv playing and replaying certain Christmas movies. Many I love to see over and over. As far as romances, there are five that I enjoy each time. If you're a romance reader, you know how these movies end, so I'm not spoiling the ending for you. Check them out.

THE CHRISTMAS LIST - Mimi Rogers works at a department store's perfume counter and has a crummy boyfriend. She makes a Christmas list and deposits it in Santa's mailbox. She starts getting the items on her list. She winds up with a better job and a better boyfriend/husband.

COMFORT & JOY - "It's a Wonderful Life" but with a twist. She gets to see her life on a different path. Nancy McKeon plays a workaholic who can't even remember what she buys her secretary for a Christmas present. One snowy Christmas Eve she hits a telephone pole and finds herself with a husband and two children. By the end, she loves her husband and her children, but returns to reality. Will she stay on the path she was on? If you're a romance reader, you know the answer to that one.

BORROWED HEARTS - Eric McCormick is a businessman selling his company to a man who will take the jobs to Mexico. When the buyer visits at Christmas, EM hires Roma Downey and her daughter to pretend to be his family. But is the buyer really a businessman or an angel in disguise? Of course, Eric falls in love with mother and daughter and she opens his eyes to what he's doing to his employees.

CHRISTMAS IN MY HOMETOWN - Okay, I admit I've had a crush on Tim Matheson for ages, but the movie is good, too. TM works for a tractor company and is sent to one of their plants (right before Christmas) to make recommendations on closing it. He pretends to be a customer to buy tractors. He falls in love with Melissa Gilbert and her daughter. The entire town is angry when they find out his real identity and of course, MG spurns him. What will he recommend to his boss? Will he get the girl back? Well, it's a Christmas romance, but it's fun watching Tim get there. There's also a subplot that he lived in this town when he was small (hence the title) and his father deserted him.

CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT - There's a newer version with Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson, but I like the black and white with Barbara Stanwyck. BS plays a magazine writer who writes about food, her marriage, her child, and life on her farm in Connecticut. However, none of those things are reality. She's a New Yorker who can't even boil an egg. When her boss invites himself and a wounded soldier to Connecticut for Christmas, she goes into pretend mode to save her career. Of course, sparks fly between her and the soldier.

There are other Christmas classics I enjoy--Miracle on 34th Street (Natalie Wood version), It's a Wonderful Life. But nothing beats a heartwarming romance.

Any Christmas romance movies you enjoy?


Kathy said...

Oh, these are all great movies, Debbie!

I especially love this new one called The Christmas Card. A Sergeant in Afghanistan receives a Christmas Card from a town stateside. Intrigued by the writer of the card, a woman named Faith, he travels to the town after one of his buddies is killed in action and meets the woman that has touched his heart. His life is changed forever.

Deborah Matthews said...

I saw that one the other night. It was good.

MaryF said...

Ok, I can't remember it, but I think it was "The Holidays?" with Cameron Diaz and Jack black...I thought it was delightful.

Actually, I want to see some of those movies you described...(I'm behind)