Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Perfect Gift

Only fourteen more shopping days remain. Have you been good? Have you made your list?

The most perfect gift I've ever received is God's love and salvation. Sometimes we forget what this season is all about.

My most wanted gift is a Fly Fusion pen. You write and then upload it to your computer. Voila! Your writing is text. (flyworld.com) They advertise it a million times a week. Then, there's always a laptop or software for us writers.

Or maybe you're the diamond or lingerie type. I got over that eons ago.

The idea of the perfect gift varies from person to person. So, what is the perfect gift you hope to receive?


Carla Swafford said...

That's cool, Debbie. I've never heard of it.

Me? A laptop. I fought it long enough and finally gave up. Tired of sitting at a desk all day during my day job and then at night at my writing love. Can't call it a job yet. When you get paid, then it's a job. LOL!

So I keep telling myself a laptop will allow me move around and hopefully become inspired. LOL! Yeah, I know. Any excuse will do in convincing myself I need one.

JoAnn said...

Well, the material girl/slug in me is hoping for the first three seasons of The Office, my new favorite TV show.

The not-so-material side of me wants good times with my family, with no arguments or whining.

And the spiritual part of me would love to turn on CNN just once and NOT hear about suicide bombers; lone gunmen in malls, churches, and schools; politicians with shady backgrounds; the ailing U.S. economy; global warming; hate crimes; child abuse; spousal abuse; elder abuse; and the list goes on...

MaryF said...

The perfect gift. I am going to follow JoAnn's way and say: Materialistically, I did get it..a lap top. :D Now I can travel and write..woohoo

Non-materialistically, I want my family to be free from illness and pain. My six year old struggles with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, my 9yr old has migraines (genetic gifts). God has gifted me with children that handle these things with far more grace than I ever could.

And I am grateful for the greatest gift. Salvation.

BUT, now for some levity: I really want a day where I can truly belly laugh with everyone. Now that's a gift! :)

Ok, so now I've done my serious thing...