Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Name Game

Okay, I was going to write a long, academic blog on the importance of names. But after three tries, I realized that what I really want to know is this: Where did your name come from?

My mom was named for her paternal grandmother: Minnie Briggs. Yikes is right. When she was 18 months old, her parents went through a bitter divorce, and her mother erased all evidence of her father from her life. You know those photos of couples torn in half? My grandmother had boxes of them. And she changed my mother's name to -- wait for it -- Hilda. (My mother never forgave her for that!)

So tell us, who were you named for and why?


MaryF said...

My name comes from my paternal grandmother, Mary (My sister was named for our maternal grandmother). Of course, my father always threatened to change it to Hildagarde and Gertrude when he got irritated.

As an aside, my husband and his three brothers all have the same first name (James) but only their friends and family call them by their middle names.


Carla Swafford said...

What wonderful stories, JoAnn and Mary. Me? Mom said she was reading a book and the heroine's name was Carla. Sad to say, but she can't remember the name of the book.

When it came to naming my girls, I didn't dare use my mom's or mother-in-laws names nor grandmothers. Why? How about, Opal or Bertha or Sinnie or Ovell or Vellie.

JoAnn said...

Family names are a hoot, aren't they!

When I was pregnant, Gary and I were choosing a boy's name. He wanted to name the baby Worthless Fletcher. I said "WHAT???" He said "That was my grandfather's name." I said "What mother would name her child Worthless?????" He turned red and said "Oh, wait. Maybe his name was Worth. Yeah, that's it. Worth Fletcher." Thank goodness we had girls.

Carla Swafford said...

LOL! Too funny!

A guy that use to work where I did was named Solomon Mines.

Then there was someone I knew who had a housekeeper and the housekeeper's daughter's name was Foamy. Named that for the type of birth control she was using at the time she got pregnant.

Sorry if this is someone in your family or a friend...Just my opinion of course...but I think it's weird to name a child with the same first name or similar as the last. Like Robert Roberts, or John Johnson, or Michael Michael.

For some strange reason it makes me think they read too many Dick and Jane books (if they're my age). You know...See Jane run. See Dick run. Run Jane run. I know it's a stretch but that's the way my mind works.