Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Cornerstone.

My grandmother is 102.


She is also completely alert and aware. She says she stays that way because she doesn't like to "Hang out with the old people".

Her name is Kathryn, but she goes by Pansy, her middle name. She married in her late twenties and had five children (all are living) numerous grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her husband, my grandfather died a 97, (she'd been married to him for over 60 years!).

She’s been active her whole life and even did aerobics classes called "body recall" until she was 99, and it was the first thing she quit when the doctor told her at her age, she could do what she wanted. Why not? She was 99!

For my grandmother, the glass is always half empty; even when she was robbed for the first time in her life. It was a crime of opportunity; because no-one locks the doors in her secured assisted living community. Someone came in while she was out and took the cash she had on hand for incidentals. She kept it in plain view, since her eyesight is failing.

Was she angry? Scared? Upset? No. She laughed. It was her observation that if it took 102 years for her to be taken advantage of than life was pretty good.

My grandmother has been a cornerstone in my life of what is good and right. In her world there is always something to smile about and the darkness can be chased by light. Her body is slowing down and soon she will follow her husband in death. In that moment something precious will leave, and only those she touched and the memories given will remain.

Do you have a cornerstone? Share with me who touched your life for the best.


JoAnn said...

Mary, I'm just catching up with the blogs, so sorry for the late comment.

My Aunt JoAnn -- my mom's baby sister -- was my favorite aunt. I was supposed to have been named Ellen Eve after my two grandmothers, but the night before I was born, JoAnn called my mom in tears because she and her long-time boyfriend had broken up. So to cheer her up, my mom named me after her.

Even though she lived far away, she supported me tremendously in my writing. I was able to visit her a few months before she died, and we had more fun than you can imagine. Lots of laughter.

I miss her.

MaryF said...

That just touched my heart! It is at once beautiful and bittersweet when those special souls in our lives have to move on.

Thank you for telling me a bit about her.