Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh! Crap! I Forgot Again! A Seinfeld-type Blog

My turn to blog was Saturday. Of course, most of my writing buddies know, considering how much I complained abou it, my internet was down for four freaking days! Well, it turns out the cable company messed it up at the pole. I can tell you my husband was so happy. He can (and did) now say, "I told you I didn't do it!"

Anyway, besides not having internet, I was gone all day Saturday, like many of you - thank you - working at the Romance Readers Luncheon. A successful luncheon in fact. With so many wonderful authors there such as Sherrilyn Kenyon and Linda Howard to mention only two biggies, that can make a huge difference.

So it was destined I missed my turn. Then again, I plain ol' forgot it too! I have the worst case of CRS. Considering that's part of my initials, I was doomed to be that way.

Not having the internet shouldn't bother my writing, but when I know I can't use http://www.dictionary.com/ or http://www.thesaurus.com/ , it ties up my muse and stuffs a dirty sock in her mouth. That was my sister's favorite punishment when I talked too much and aggravated the crap out of her like little sisters could.

Then on top of all of the above, and that's pretty high up, I have a full requested and need to be typing the manuscript and not this blog--though I do enjoy doing this and always have dozens of things to type about but pretty much forget what wonderful blog I thought about in the car on the way to home at six o'clock in the evening, remember I have CRS. Wow! A run-on sentence at 5:58 in the morning and no caffeine. LOL!

Yesterday as soon as the guy left I started answering my emails about the on-line workshop that was to start that day, the contest that's in first round mode, update Southern Magic's website including the front page, luncheon page, authors' current books, and workshop page. Then I updated my website as I had WON! my first contest (not first contest as being first entered but as in first one that I WON!). Next, I checked the chapter's email and accepted "friends" at the chapter's MySpace page and forward info to our chapter treasurer on PayPal notices. I checked PayPal as one of the notices had gone awry and then I transfered money out of PayPal into the chapter's bank account. I sent out invitations to eight people and the speaker to join the on-line workshop loop. THEN set up the 2008 Board members on several different loops owned by Southern Magic, accepted a friend on my FACEBOOK, and send out several notices about contests, other on-line workshop, and general announcements for the chapter.

Are you bored yet? LOL!

And during all of this I kept thinking, "Crap! I need to be working on my WINNING manuscript!" LOL!

Okay, I've wasted enough time and it's getting late. My paying job is waiting for me and time for me to get going.

What TV show do you sometimes feel like you're living in? Today, I feel like Jerry Seinfeld and I would be good friends. Like my blog, his show was whole lot of nothing. :-)


JoAnn said...

I used to work in "The Office." I was (of course) the Pam character.


Carla Swafford said...

I believe you. Should I could you Ms. Anniston?

JoAnn said...

Well, you can call me whatever you want, but I was referring to the NBC sitcom "The Office" not to be confused with "Office Space." Actually, though, I sort of lived that one too!! Thank goodness, the place I work now is a lot more sane.

Most days.


MaryF said...

I feel like I'm Survivor...LOL Ok, that doesn't count...:)