Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Deep Is Deep?

I understand point of view. In fact, I think that's one of my strong points. But lately, I've been struggling with depth. Just how deep do I need to go?

For example, on a recent contest entry, a judge commented at the end of the first scene that she didn't know what color the hero's hair was. I purposefully excluded it because I was in his point of view. My reason being he knows what color his hair is. It would seem silly to say "Matt shoved his hand through his dark, silky hair." At least it seems silly to me. But am I being too literal?

How deep is too deep?


Libby said...

Uh, no way. You're totally on the mark, JoAnn. Seriously, why would he be thinking about the color of his hair? He'd probably think of it in a really manly way, like "brown." A woman would think of it as "chocolate" or "dark, spiced rum" something yummy like that. Much better described through the eyes of the woman, I say!

MaryF said...

I think you wrote it the right way, that's the problem with not sending in the whole manuscript! :)
You can't shove it all in. Granted, I am still struggling with that concept.