Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Time's Acomin'

You're probably thinking it's a wee bit early to be thinking of Christmas. Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away. But over the weekend is Christmas in Cullman. It's the only weekend of the year the Chamber is open and I will be working. Christmas music will waft over the city from three different stages while Santa visits with children. There are carriage rides and train rides. And participating merchants decorating. At over sixty degrees the weather won't quite feel like Christmas.

Memories from Christmases past crowd my mind. Center stage in all of them is Mama. I always came to Mama's for Christmas. I never miss her more than this time of year. There were never a lot of presents, but there was always love.

What's your favorite Christmas memory?


Carla Swafford said...

Coming into the living room on Christmas morning and seeing my dad with his hair all mussed up, not wearing his glasses, teasing us about which stack of presents belonged to who.

After mom and dad divorced, he would show up early so he could be there when my brother (the first year he was 3) came in to see what Santa brought. Though Dad was there, it wasn't the same. He never stayed long. :::Sigh:::

MaryF said...

Actually, I have two. The night before, we'd have a special meal, watch "A Christmas Carol" if it was on and open a small gift. I remember the excitement and the hope. I'd look out my window to look for the "Star" of Jesus and at the same time Santa's Sleigh (talk about conflicting)

The second is the morning, we'd get up at the crack of dawn (or an hour or two before--my poor parents) and there would be a presents under the christmas tree we were not allowed to touch, but we could have our Christmas stocking. My sister and I would giggle and carry on. (To this day, I want and love to see happy children at this season).
Here's hoping that everyone finds a little joy..!!!