Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Working the Net with Barbara Ferrer


Southern Magic is pleased to host an on-line workshop with Barbara Ferrer. WORKING THE NET TO MAKE THE NET WORK FOR YOU.

Description: Should you blog? Have a page on MySpace? Every writer can establish an Internet presence ot help spread the word about your work, even before you're published.

When: November 5 through 16
Cost: $10 for Southern Magic Members, $15 for All Others

Class Advisor
::Barbara Ferrer a.k.a. Caridad Ferrer A first generation, bilingual Cuban-American, born in Manhattan and raised in Miami, all of which Barbara realizes makes her a walking cliche. However, it also means she speaks Spanish reasonably fluently, at least enough to be able to employ some of the more colorful expressions in her writing. Loathing heat, humidity, and bugs the size of aircraft carriers, Barbara was of course destined to return to her home state despite swearing it would never, ever happen. So, after living in such exotic locales as Nashville, Tennessee and Ohio, she now resides in Jacksonville, just within the Florida border. Which serves as an important lesson: never underestimate the power of parental guilt when grandchildren are involved. Most current books written as Caridad Ferrer, Adios to My Old Life, and Not About The Accent
Registration deadline is November 4 via PayPal/credit card.

The class is conducted through a YAHOO group format and you will receive an invitation to join at the time you pay.

For more information, please check out our website at www. southernmagic. org and click on the WORKSHOP icon.

Thank you.
Carla Swafford
President, Southern Magic

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