Sunday, September 30, 2007

Writing Spaces

I used to write in the dining room. It was open, airy, had wood floors two huge windows, and I could see everything that was going on in the kitchen and living room. I happily thought this was the place for me. Of course there were a few glaring problems.

The first problem I had writing in the dining room was lack privacy. I couldn’t sit down at the computer with out someone coming in to ask questions be it my husband or children, or I had to jump up and answer the door, or phone, to clean up something the cat threw up on, prevent a fight, or to finish dinner. Second, I had no bookshelves. I’d like to say that didn’t deter me, but honestly, sometimes I just figured I could get by without it…especially after five trips already to the room that did have the book shelves. Granted, bookshelves for the dining room are on the “list of to-do” but as you know, it should be called the “list that never will get done”.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it. There was a smaller room, with a window, painted a dark blue with a teal rug (it came with the house-not my choice believe me), but it had two walls of bookshelves, a ceiling fan—and most gloriously a DOOR. It took me a week after coming home from work and all of Sunday (today) to do it, but I moved in. I removed all the books that I didn’t want (you know things like bike remodeling, the pathology of yawning etc) and put all the ones I needed like “Writing the Break Out Novel” by Donald Maass. I have now shut the door and am writing this.


I should have done this a long time ago, but the wood floors and large room enamored me. Now I am in a cozy room, and I feel so much more focused and it is quiet. Well, this is all well and good, now let’s see if I can really get some work done….

I know there have been workshops on creating your own writing space. But, what have you done to create your own space? Where do you feel the most comfortable? I’d like to know.


Christy Reece said...

Mary, congratulations on getting your own writing space! You'll definitely enjoy the privacy and quiet time.

I started out in a little spot right outside my kitchen, then moved upstairs to an office my husband fixed for me. When we moved to Alabama, I went through three locations before I was set. Now I'm settled in and loving my office. My very own little world. Yes...sigh...bliss.

JoAnn said...

I write on a lap top and tend to be pretty nomadic. I do my best writing in public places -- coffee shops, bars, bookstores.