Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Captures You?

Lately, my reading has been a tad eclectic. I bounce around from adult fiction to young adult in my quest for "the story". You, know the one that you keep pouring through books to find. The story that has you reading late and sneaking moments at work, just to 'get a few more pages'.

Oh, I get a lot of interesting reads, but what actually captures me? Is it a character? A scene? Action filled? For me, its a combination of things. I want a strong protagonist and antagonist. I want thrills, but emotion. I want quirky, but a strong sense of the character, goals, and conflict.

Recently (truthfully, it was months ago) I read a book by Anne Bishop, called Sebastian. What I remember now, is the world she created. One so interesting and odd that I still think about it. She had "landscapes" that responded to the heart desires and emotions of it's inhabitants...sounds weird, but she was successful at planting that thought in my head. That is what I look for...what I remember.

What do you remember in the books you read? When you write, what do you want your reader to see, feel, and take with them when they read your books or stories? For me, I just want you turning the page...what's going to happen next.....


JoAnn said...

The thing I want most from a book is to "be there." I want the author to put me right there in the middle of her scene, whether it's Manhattan in the 21st century or Ireland in the 12th. I love it when an author's carefully chosen words have the power to transport me to another world.

And of course, that's the thing I would love for my readers to feel.

Christy said...

Definitely the emotions of the hero and heroine. If I don't care about them, identify with what they're feeling and want them to be together, it doesn't matter how beautiful the setting the writer has created or how real the imaginary world seems.

I want to feel how they feel. If I do, they could be in the dreariest place on earth and it wouldn't matter.