Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Waste of My Time....

I wasted my time and money yesterday, by going to the movies. Normally, I don’t say that, because I do not go often and usually I find exceptional movies to watch (like “300”). Unfortunately, my love of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal brought me to a movie—Dragon Wars.

Now, if you think of it, Dragons are interesting creatures, throw in War and you have a potential for a thrilling movie much like Lord of the Rings (at least, that is what I was hoping for.). What I got was Power Rangers with better graphics, horrible acting, even worse editing, and a confusion of scenes with no point. So basically—I wasted my time.

As a struggling somewhat new writer, there are many things I use to encourage and motivate my creative side. If I am having a hard time with writing a scene involving a relationship perhaps I’ll watch something like “Ever After” or “Practical Magic” Ok, you see what I mean? I love those types of stories! Even “Good Will Hunting” is a very good one to show character development, motivation, etc. (and has a very good “black moment!”) I use Good Will Hunting, because I am in a class that is using it as a base…and it works!

What do you use to motivate? What have you done lately that has been a detriment to your writing, when you meant for it to be positive? How do you change it into something positive? As writers we all have our own ways of dealing with getting ourselves motivated and I am interested in what you have to say.

Now, I have to get back to my manuscript…I have a few characters who are suspiciously trying to turn into Power Rangers, and that has got to be stopped…..


JoAnn said...

There was a great piece on procrastination on CBS Sunday Morning. :-)


Carla Swafford said...

Wasted time and money. I hate when that happens.

Waste time? All the time. Working on anything but my writing (with the exception of this blog). :-)