Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Fair is in Town

The Ferris wheel and merry-go-round travel but get nowhere.
Cows and pigs are judged and the more they weigh the better.
(If only that were true in life for us.)
The midway rings with enjoyment and loud music.
Aunt Addie and Aunt Deanie enter their homemade jam and pickles.
Yes, the county fair has come to town.

My husband and I are odd. We're not interested in the rides or entertainments. At the Montgomery fair they had a circus which was enjoyable. We mainly go to look at the exhibits and the food. Yum, I can almost taste the funnel cake, cotton candy, and candied apples now. It's a great place to people watch.

What do you enjoy about the fair?


Carla Swafford said...

The last time I went, my oldest was probably four or five. We had a good time, but the fair in Birmingham was not like when I was a kid. So small and everything looked so sad. Of course, it might have something to do with age. :-)

MaryF said...

For me its the smells, the scent of burnt sugar, that hints at cotton candy, the lucsious aroma of cooked meat, the oddly bitter scent of oiled machinery, and the acrid tang of dung from the animals...mixed with the perfume from colone, perfume, and sweat...Its wonderful.

Granted, all the people drive me nuts. Go figure...:P

JoAnn said...

I haven't been to the state fair in years, but I used to love the salt water taffy that was sold there. Then they changed the recipe, and it wasn't so special any more.

But I have to agree with you, Debbie, there's nothing like a funnel cake with a cotton candy chaser and a side of candy apples!