Monday, August 13, 2007

Tally up!

My son goes back to school today, so no more excuses! My nose is back to the grindstone. (Is this really the correct expression? It sounds painful.)

If you've come to the Southern Magic meetings lately and listened to me whine, you know I've lamented my lack of progress this year. But the year is not quite 2/3 over, and upon reflection, I've gotten a lot done:
  • I revised my second book, THE BOYS NEXT DOOR, and watched it debut.

  • I sold my third book, BOY IN BLUE.

  • I won my first contest.

  • I wrote lots and lots of proposals. They haven't found a home, but I can save them for later. There's no such thing as a bad idea for a book--only a good idea for the wrong folks at the wrong time. I just made that up.

  • I went to Nationals and met one of my critique partners for the first time.

  • I finished an adult ro-com.

  • I started a new YA.
That's quite a bit, right? Try it--your accomplishments look more impressive when you use bullets. This list makes me think I can finish the new YA and another half-written adult ro-com by the end of the year.

Take stock of your 2/3. What have you done this year, and what can you do?


MaryF said...

I am impressed Jennifer. :)As for me...I've started at least 3 different stories and scrapped them.
Not much in the way of accomplishments, but I do have the rest of the year to: Finish a rough draft on a YA novel.
This week I have to write and submit an article for an in-house magaizine where I work.
and my ultimate goal is to just keep moving forward because going backward is not an option.

JoAnn said...

"There's no such thing as a bad idea for a book -- only a good idea for the wrong folks at the wrong time."

WOW! I love this. I will print it out and put it on my bulletin board beside my computer.

Thank you. :-)

What I've done this year (I don't know how to make bullets on this comment form so I'll use the alphabet): A) Entered seven (yes, seven) contests. Finaled in three, won one. B) Actually worked through the road blocks on my ms. (one is a real road block.) C) Attended two Southern Magic meetings (I know this doesn't sound like much, but for me it's pretty good.)


Christy said...

Oh, this is so much more fun than looking at all the stuff I haven't done!

...Took two online workshops to get me out of a writing funk.

...Finished the first draft of a book in two weeks.

...Pitched to my dream agent at our conference and she asked for the full.

Revised and edited my manuscript and sent it to my dream agent.

...Dream agent offered representation.

...Finished another first draft of another book.

...Got my first sale, which included a contract for three books.

...Started on my third book and have about 25,000 words so far.

And one of my favorite things? I deleted about 50 rejection emails from my email file. Woohoo! Now that was fun.

doglady said...

Wow, Jennifer, what a great way to look at it. I'm going to follow JoAnn's lead and print it out for myself as well. You folks are all leaving me in the dust. Actually this has been my first year to pursue writing as a real career/calling. I started out last August in the Avon FanLit event sponsored by HarperCollins. I made the finals in it twice and won Chapter Three so I actually have a chapter published in an e-novella. After that I started writing seriously. I attended several classes/workshops sponsored by Southern Magic because my best friend, Gaill Wills is a member. I joined an online critique group - Passion's Slaves, four great ladies who write historical romance. I have another online critique partner, Sherry Leddington, whom I met thru the Avon event. I've started two novels, but I am now concentrating on LOST IN LOVE (@60 K words so far)because it won the Royal Ascot and it just made the finals in the Molly. I am glad to see that someone else has entered a lot of contests (8 for me.)I've taken some online classes. Gaill and her hubby gave me a membership in RWA for Christmas!! I have joined Beau Monde AND best of all, I joined Southern Magic!!

jennifer echols said...

See, we're all doing such a great job! We're actually making progress.

Carla Swafford said...

Let's see...


**Placed 3rd in another contest

**Entered 5 other contests

**Worked on SM's conference

**Lined up 6 on-line workshops for SM

**Coordinating the LH contest

**Changed/updated SM's website

**Helping to set up the Reader's Luncheon

**Registered for the NJRW conference

**Set up the bid on Ebay for Sherrilyn's Name in a Book

**Set up MySpace site for SM (with big time help from Barbara Curry)

**Blogging - trying to keep my name out there

**Changed/updated my website

**Updated Alabama Authors website

**Write my monthly articles for Magic Moments (and if anyone asks, "What monthly articles?" then we need to talk. LOL!

**Feburary was my last newsletter as editor for HOD

**actually wrote a lot, just haven't finished a blasted book.

**read probably on average 3 books a week

**submitted to an agent and editor.

**worked 8-12 hour days for my day job (in fact, about to leave now)