Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reading Romance

My cp and I were talking the other day about books (imagine that), mainly about what we love to read versus write.

Now I love to read paranormal, some romantic suspense, and a little of the relationship driven books published by Silhouette and Harlequin. When it comes to writing, I write the same type of romances as I read. But I do have a hard time writing paranormal. A lot of that has to do with using a different part of your brain or more of it. Whatever.

My cp reads a lot of historical (I love it too, but mainly mediaeval, and you can't find a lot of those) but says she can't write them. I understand that totally. At least with paranormal, you can make up the world and the language, but with historical you have so many "experts" telling you what you're doing wrong, it can drive you crazy.

So my questions are, what do you find yourself reading but "can't" write? And in the book you're reading now, tell us the author and title, and what is the sentence at the top of page 77?

Mine is Sherrilyn Kenyon's DEVIL MAY CRY and reads, "Don't think for one minute that I've forgotten you're the face and voice of the one woman I want to kill more than any other."

Interesting, huh? :-)


Kathy said...

I'm reading Colette Gale's, Unmasked, an erotic romance. Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn't pass up the chance to read about the Phantom. Though I read and write historicals, I don't write erotic stories and reading this is a stretch for me. Well... you've got to step out of the box sometime, right? Only for the Phantom!

pg. 77 "Please, ma chere, you will upset yourself. Why don't you come over here and let me ease your worries?"


Christy said...

I have two zillion trillion books on my TBR pile. And recently bought ten more to add to it. I'm trying to finish the second book in my series, so I'm not reading anything but my stuff right now.

Here's the first sentence from page 77 of Return To Me. Title and line destined to be changed, of course:

When this was over, he’d go back home and keep Celeste in bed for days; she always enjoyed his gluttony after a long assignment.

Poor Celeste will be very disappointed, because my hero will be otherwise occupied.

Carla, that cp who loves historical but doesn't write it sounds awfully familiar. Wink...Wink.

I also like some paranormal, but other than a few pages of a very dark vampire story, I've never been able to write more.

Most of the books I've read in the past year have been romantic suspense.

Right now, I'm writing romantic suspense and in between fits of screaming despair and rage, I love it!

doglady said...

Great topic! I have stacks of books in my "to be read" pile. Just finished an ARC of Karen Rose's DIE FOR ME - fantastic read!!! I write historical romance - strictly Regency period right now. That also comprises most of my reading. I have SK new one on my nightstand. Right now I am reading Sleepless at Midnight by Jacquie D'Alessandro. Page 77 starts "Ride,eat,sleep,hunt,tell embellishment stories of their exploits and gambling successes." She grinned. "There's always piquet and whist with the chaperones."

MaryF said...

I read anything that grabs my fancy. I read a lot of things I like to write...but Chick lit like the Stephanie Plum novels, I am not so good at. In fact I am reading Jane Evanovich's "Lean Mean Thirteen."
Pg 77: "He paid for his law degree with chickens. Got it somewhere in the Islands. Right?"

MaryF said...

Ok, I meant Janet Evanovich..not Jane.
*sigh* Its been one of those months.

JoAnn said...

Okay, so I'm reading three books right now. One is a Love Inspired Suspense, one is istorical non-fiction, and one is mainstream fiction. Here are the page 77s, in no particular order:

"Ben probably knew far more than I did."

"Y'all cut the crap! We gotta get these crabs home before they die and start stinking all to hell!"

"That he had been stunned by the terrible cost of British victory at Bunker Hill there is no question."

You can probably figure out which is which! :-)