Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Bad Boys

I love to read about Alpha Males. I enjoy reading the books by the many authors out there that can write the really good ones. Linda Howard, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Anne Stuart are a few that come to mind. Each writer has their own spin on the Big Bad Boys.

Linda writes those that are protective and bossy but in the way that makes you so happy to say, "Yes, sir. Whatever you want, sir. Can we wrestle naked now, sir?"

While Sherrilyn writes the sizeable (in the good ways) heroes with the tortured pasts. They are protective of their heroines too, but not many heroes can still be sexy while wearing a pink towel. As she tells us about her Dark Hunters, they're Mad, Bad and Immortal (but so, so sexy).

Then you have Anne that writes the most cold-hearted, vicious heroes. They’re actually the mega anti-heroes. Her heroes are like the white tiger you see in a zoo. You know if you cross the line and get too close he’ll eat you alive, but, oh, to be loved by such a creature. A deliciously dangerous, seductive addiction. They’re not good for you, but you can’t resist. Just one more. Please.

When it comes to my heroes, I try to write my own verison of Alpha. I’ve noticed I write the male that wants nothing to do with the white knight syndrome. But before the book is over, he’s there to the rescue. Though the heroine is taking care of things herself, thank you. All done in a very sexy way. Hopefully.

What about you? What type of hero do you enjoy reading? Writing?


JoAnn said...

I like to read about Alpha heroes, but arrogance turns me off. So if the author wants to keep me in the book, I better see some vulnerability or tenderness pretty quick!

The heroes I write tend to be toned-down Alphas.

But I have to say that when I was a little girl, my hero was Andy Taylor (the later version; not the the hick from the first episodes). I wanted to marry a man from North Carolina, who could play the guitar and sing, who would save me from the bad guys, and treat his child with tenderness and love. Then I became a teenager, and all that disappeared. But guess what? I ended up marrying a man from North Carolina who could sing and play guitar and treats his children with great tenderness and love. And I think he'd save me from the bad guys if he had to. :-)

Carla Swafford said...

LOL! When my kids were growing up, I always remembered episodes of Andy Griffith to help with my parenting. So I caught myself explaining my reasons for saying no. I think I was a better parent for it too. Plus the kids loved my analogies, short version e.g., if the other kids were jumping off a cliff, would you?

MaryF said...

I have to admit, I like the dark hero. The tough guy, who loves, but is not a marshmallow. I love writing those characters and reading them.

But...that may change when I actually finish a dadblasted story.
My hero may just be a warm fuzzy guy after all.