Saturday, August 11, 2007

Accepting 'The Change"

When Kim did the process workshop back in April, I went away just knowing I was a plotter. I work up an outline, I do the color post-its, and I started my book (the first book of a triology) at chapter 1. For the past few months, I've written 'in order' but now that I'm on chapter 8, I'm stuck. My main characters are still talking to me but they are jumping ahead. Even my main characters from my second book are talking to me right now. Today I listened and just wrote. I have paragraphs all over the place, even a few ideas in the second story. The characters talked and I typed but my brain was saying "No, no,no! We haven't gotten to that part yet!" I ignore the protests and continue on, realizing that I'm somewhat of a pantser too.

Has anyone else suddenly switched from plotter to pantser or vice versa? How did you handle the voice in your head???



Christy said...

I've never really been a plotter. I like to have a general idea of where I'm headed and then take off. However, before my fourth book, I always wrote in a linear fashion. I saw it in my mind like a movie and that's the way it appeared on my computer screen.

With my fourth book, I was all over the place, doing scenes completly out of order. I stopped arguing with my characters after a while and they took me where they wanted me to go.

The only thing I can say about writing is such a jumbled fashion is that at least you know where you're headed when you go back to where you were.

Huh? Yeah, I know, but it works. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

Carla Swafford said...

I completed several books in one of two ways. Straight through by the seat of my pants or scenes as they come.

Now I'm working on trying to plot out each chapter and write them. Anything to help me complete the blasted book in a timely manner. It takes me anywhere from six months to a year to complete.

As I hear all the time, do it the way that suits you. :-)

MaryF said...

All I can say is I Feel your pain. ALOT Of it. How I handle the voice in my head, I try to write down those things that jump out, but sadly, I don't always have the time. I think I am going to get a dictaphone...its getting that bad.

Hang in there, keep writing. :) That is what I am doing.