Friday, July 20, 2007

Where am I?

Yesterday when I went to Starbucks to write, I dropped off a couple of copies of THE BOYS NEXT DOOR because I wrote most of the book there. In the first draft I included a derogatory comment about girls who drink banana mocha lattes, but my editor made me take it out. She LOVES banana mocha lattes. Oops.

My book BOY IN BLUE will be published by MTV Books sometime next year. I thought of most of it while training for my first Vulcan Run, so the characters in the book are always jogging.

I'm limited in where I can go during the day because of my job and my family. But it would be fun to write every day in the food court at the Galleria with all of Alabama passing by, or looking out over Birmingham at the statue of Vulcan, just to see how that changed the book.

Where do you write? Do you think what you write changes because of where you do it?


MaryF said...

I write in my office at home, I write hunched over in the car (then I can't read the writing), I'll even write at a bookstore or coffeeshop.

Its not essentially where I write that flavors my writing, but where I have been during the day and what I have been thinking about.

I just need to stop long enough to finish a story....

Christy said...

I write mostly in my office. Sometimes I'll take my alpha outside or to the bookstore.

I wrote the synopsis for my last book at the Chrysler dealership while watching the show Cops. I usually need absolute quiet or at least some kind of soothing music, but for some reason, that really worked for me that day. And I wrote one of my best scenes ever in the parking lot of Taco Bell.

Cops, cars and tacos. Huh. There's gotta to be a theme somewhere in that.

jennifer echols said...

I just got an AlphaSmart and I love it! It's going to make it more possible to write while watching Cops at the Chrysler dealership etc. And I'm with you--I wrote one of my favorite scenes in Major Crush while sitting outside a mall in Atlanta. My husband had generously taken the baby and told me to go shopping for myself. They were somewhere else in the mall. I snuck back to the car to write. ;)

Christy said...

Jenn said, "I wrote one of my favorite scenes in Major Crush while sitting outside a mall in Atlanta."

That wouldn't be the tractor scene, would it? I loved that scene!

Carla Swafford said...

MAJOR CRUSH's "Tractor scene"

Me too!

My favorite in THE BOYS NEXT DOOR is the H/H floating on the lake making out.

BTW, Jenn, I love you for many reasons, but one major one is because of your books. I finally can get my youngest to read romance. LOL!

Keeton Romance Books said...

I love to write in a calm and lonely place most probably with the nature around me it makes me naturally get the words written down it makes me keep imaginative and embarassed when people say they can write at coffeee shops and publc places i dont know how can they concentrate at.

jennifer echols said...


Carla: I love you.

Keeton Romance Books: I see what you're saying about writing in public places. I guess I prefer it sometimes because the "white noise" helps me concentrate. Also there's always a lot going on at my house so it's good to get away!