Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

This weekend, my husband and I will be leaving for vacation. If you’re worried about this notifying burglars wanting to know this information, they also need to know we have a house alarm, nosey neighbors on both sides and my daughter and her husband will be coming over sometime while we’re gone to use my printer. Anyway, we’re planning to visit Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

If you’re not a race fan, you’re probably wondering why in the heck am I going there? Well, to visit the numerous racing complexes.

Yes, I love NASCAR and the men in jumpsuits. Per ESPN Sports Poll from the last twelve months, 42% of the fans are women. More women than NFL and MLB. Between the handsome men and the powerful cars, I’m in testosterone heaven.

Okay, you’re now wondering what this has to do with romance (besides Harlequin’s NASCAR books)? Of course, the men are useful in describing that certain hero, but cars are important in contemporary stories too!

The other day I was reading this sweet romance, enjoying the finger-licking-good hero until he drove up in a BUG! A *@#& Volkswagen Beetle! The heroine can be excused for driving one. They are cute. BUT TELL ME WHAT WAS THE AUTHOR THINKING? I closed the book and then gave it away. There’s just something wrong with placing a wonderful hunk of a man in a...ugh! It gives me the willies.

My heroes don’t have to drive Corvettes or Jaguars or Lotuses. At the least, give the man a sedan! Otherwise, you might as well place him in a minivan and give him a middle-age spread.

How about you? What does your contemporary hero drive?


jennifer echols said...

Carla, I understand completely. All my heroes drive pick-up trucks. :)

Carla Swafford said...

Hey, even pink pick up trucks are better than a bug! LOL!

Barb said...

Carla, have fun in Charolette. As a resident of Talladega County for half of my life, I've learned to love NASCAR and the guys who drive those cars - Jimmie Johnson can do no wrong in my book...talk about some nice scenery going around the track...

anywoo...in the book I'm writing at the moment my guy Nick has two modes of transportation...a sporty black car that fits his public appearance (his a prince) and a shiny black 4X4 double cab that fits his true personality. Talk about a shock when he told me about the truck! Ha..."Oh by the way, I have a play truck that no one but family know about...can I drive it...please???"

I just love a pick up...


gaill said...

In my favorite WIP, my hero drives a 1995 Saturn he got in a deal he made with his parents. Hey, he just recently turned 16! He's lucky he's got wheels! Esp with all the trouble he keeps getting in to!

MaryF said...

Hmmm. I like motorcycles myself. And fancy, powerful cars, and old chevy trucks.
But I have to agree with you a volkswagen beetle...UG

MaryF said...

I've got pick-ups, mostly, or classic muscle cars.

I never would have thought about putting a book down over the Beetle, though. The dh wants one.

I HAVE, however, put a book down with the author spelled the Beatles wrong!