Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stuck between a rock and a hair salon

OK, guys. I need your help. What do you do when you have a scene to write and you've never been in that particular situation before? I'm not talking about killing people but the basic girlie stuff. My main character is having a day at the spa and I'm stuck. She - like me - is more of a tomboy kinda girl. She's trying to relax but is not use to all the fuss. She has to get her nails, hair and make up done. I can so see it in my head but am having the hardest time putting it into words.

Any suggestions on what will help me get past this block. I do have my nails done but that's all I can afford. Any movies that you know of to help me. I've thought of Princess Diaries and Miss Congeniality.



Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite is a pedicure. You sit in this big throne-like easy chair up high off the floor, and put your feet in a a tub of very warm water with jacuzzi-type jets sending it streaming over your tootsies. You have to either have on shorts or a skirt or something you can pull above your knees. The pedicurist sits on a stool opposite you, and leans over the little tub to do his/her work. They take one foot at a time and massaged it with lotion, then massage all the way up to your knee. By that time I'm about to slip bonelessly into the water. Then they do their thing with trimming skin and buffing and pumicing and drying. Last is the polish, and they have little foam spacers they put between your toes. If you didn't bring sandals, they give you little paper thongs to wear while your toenails dry.

It's truly bliss. Ahhhhh....

I can't speak for facials, etc. Although I used to have my eyebrows waxed when I was in NJ, where you could get a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow waxing at a salon near my office, for $20 on a Thursday night. I do miss that about NJ...

Have a pedicure. It'll melt your block :).


MaryF said...

I've had one facial and it was in quiet room, with one of those small water fountains and soft music, along with aromeotherapy type things. I had to wear a towel and lay there...while someone massaged my ahoulders, face,then gently put on a mask, warm towels and lotion, etc.

I lay like a board. I couldn't relax. The woman was great, and she tried her best, but I hate people touching me that I don't know well. I was so glad it was over. But its a really neat thing. I just won't do it again any time soon. (That and it was in the middle of winter too...)

Perhaps I have issues....
Hope that helps.