Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ever Wonder?

What's that saying, "Life imitates art"? Or is it, "Art imitates life"? These days, I think the lines are so blurred, it doesn't matter anymore.

I am a self-confessed news junkie. Unless I'm writing or editing, the news is on in my house. No, it's rarely good news, but it is addictive and oh boy, can it spur the ideas.

Yesterday, I heard a story and began to wonder...for a writer, that can be dangerous. I play a lot of 'what if' scenarios while I watch the news and this story was no different. But then I stopped myself and wondered, what if it really happened? No, I'm not egotistical enough to believe that an idea I have hasn't already been thought of and done. What though, would happen, if I wrote a book...perhaps based on this idea, it was published and then lo and behold, the event actually happened. How would I feel?

I know movies, television shows and even computer games get blamed for all sorts of wild crimes. As in, "Duh, I saw the movie and it so disturbed me, I went out and did it myself." Or some such nonsense. But if it actually happened from one of my stories, how would I feel? Yikes, not good.

What about you? What kind of responsibility do you think we as writers have regarding what we write? I know when I write, my goal is to create a story that brings out all sorts of emotions in the reader. Never would I want to inspire a person to do evil.

What's your take?


MaryF said...

My favorite stories are the ones where the characters have to make choices. For good or bad. But ultimately, I want the hero/heroine to make the RIGHT choice, irregardless of all bad they may have done.

Like you Christy, I don't want to inspire evil, I'd rather see someone over come it or pay the price of their evil.

I know that can be limiting.

JoAnn said...

Christy, I'm a news junkie too. And I have a huge file of ideas that I have garnered from CNN, The NBC Nightly News, and local broadcasts. I don't write suspense or mystery, so I haven't considered your question until now. And I must say that's a pretty heavy question! I think I'll just stick to romantic comedy. :-)