Monday, July 02, 2007


Dreams. Sometimes I love mine. I dream in a color, with a variety of angles. I have been men, women, young, old, Queens, warriors, magicians, adventurers to name a few. I have been shot, I've flown with wings and without, I've driven fast cars, spoken several languages, and even learned a few new tricks in martial arts. I've been involved in assassinations, good versus evil struggles, and been witness to many changes. I've seen the future and the past...

Just think, most of my stories come from my dreams.

I don't just get my ideas from my dreams, I have a lot of other sources (if you hang around a group of people for a time--you'll definitely get ideas). But, my dreams, they are something different. Its like my subconscious sits on images and ideas I've had, percolates them and then out of the blue I get this fantastic epic story. The kind of dream you never get to finish because the alarm goes off...but you're caught. You can feel the characters around you, and what the motivations are, you are enchanted or horrified by the world that is revealed.

There is one catch. Its imperative that it is written down quickly--you can never catch what you felt or truly experienced, but to capture its essence is important.

I realize what I have is a gift, but I know that I am not alone. Anyone that imagines, dreams, and reads has dreams. You just have to remember to write it down, think about it. I can't even tell you how many ideas I have let slip through my fingers.

What kind of dreams do you have? Do they help with your stories? Ideas? Do they help solve a problem or reveal a truth?

I'd like to know!

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Carla Swafford said...

You're lucky to dream in color. I read somewhere that a very small percentage of people do so. Mine are in black and white - often abstract. A time or two they've given me ideas for stories, but none that I've written so far.