Friday, June 08, 2007

Writer's Hell

Today, I stared at a blank page. My glorious comments, witty insights gone and worse, I couldn’t even make a decision on WHAT to write about. That’s when it hit me; I am walking one of the outer rings of writer’s hell.

It’s the Dante’s Inferno for writers. Levels of hell that every writer experiences. I have encountered six, and that’s just with writing…once you get published, or you seriously try to get published then whole other levels of hell open up.

Worse, they occur at different times, you don’t just fight through one, you sometimes double back and fall right into the same thing. Me, its decisions, but other rings of hell include, time, distractions, frustration, plotting (well that’s just a side note of decision hell), and insecurity (here questions of why am I doing this? and is it worth it? are particularly horrific tortures).

It’s a constant battle I wage. I strap on my pen, (ok, my computer) I sit down and the battle is on. Do I win? Sometimes and many times I lose, only to get up the next day ready to fight again. Why do I walk through writer’s hell? It is the salvation that calls me: A completed manuscript. A story idea mapped out. Even better, a story that is published—that you actually get paid for. But the ultimate prize is: You write a story someone wants to keep reading…in spite of the typos. Bliss.

So what kind of writer’s hell are you in today? How do you fight it?


Carla Swafford said...

Well hello, fellow hell dweller. LOL!

I've been living there for some time. Yes, I get pages typed down, but finish one of the the suckers? Not one for over a year. Or is that two years? Geez. Time flies.

I'm reading Stephen King's ON WRITING in hopes it will get me back on track and get that booger finished.

Christy said...

First love scene in new book. I'm trying to take it slow and dang it, they don't want to go slow!