Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time Un-Management

Hi all!!! I need some help!!

I have a problem with time management. I've always known about this little teeny weeny problem but have been able to live with it for some time...until recently. Let me share this example: When my turn on the blog has come - and gone - Carla, bless her, sends me a gentle reminder about the post. In fact, I found one in my mailbox this morning. I, in turn, send her this reply-can you tell I'm chewing myself out right now???
Well, crap. I am sooo not trustworthy right now. It's on my calendar, on my idiot reminder task list that dings at me, and I even thought of things I could write about this weekend, but did I remember to do it last night??? NNNoooooooo.....I was too busy working on that %^&*# synopsis.
-sigh- oh well. I promise to get something posted this morning.

It's not that I don't want to post - I do - it's just that my mind can't wrap around the blogging date right now. Does that make sense?

This is my life right now: I'm over the summer reading program at the library where we have something going on every day of the work week. In fact yesterday we had around 150 children (at three different times). I also get home late 3-4 nights a week from practices, meetings, etc. I also have a cross stitch I'm trying to finish for a friend as well as a baby blanket for another. I also have to have my reading time each night - it's a drug. I'm writing in my head but never really have time to put it on paper - well, extra in church when I should be listening to preacher man. But I can't help it if my mind wonders!!!

Anyhoo, I don't have any children (except for 3 cats who all think that when I'm writing I should be paying attention to them) nor do I have a husband/boyfriend - I'm trying to work on the boyfriend thing. I really don't have a lot of distractions right now. So, my questions to you are: How do you manage your time? Do you make a list of things that MUST be done during the day? How do you stay on track? Any advice out there??

Barb ;-)


Christy said...

Oh Barb, I so don't have an answer for you and shouldn't even be posting here. I'm not a good manager of my time either.

However, when I do have successful days...they're infrequent but I've had them occasionally, it was because I had a written list of things I'd planned out the day before to do...and I did them, checking them off, one by one.

It's not new or fancy, but it works for me. If you do find the ultimate answer, be sure to post it so we'll all know.

Good luck!

Carla Swafford said...

I do the list thing too. Loooovvvee checking them off. Makes me feel powerful. LOL!

MaryF said...

I do my writing (ok, my paragraph, because sometimes thats ALL I get) in the morning. I am talking 0500...blearily staring at the computer, sucking down coffee and trying not to run back to bed. But its the only time the cat, the kids, the husband, the in-laws and my job don't interfere.

Carving out time is the hardest part, and keeping it can be battle. STart perhaps with finding a time 3 days a week (or even 2). It can be in the afternoon, or evening, anytime.

Lastly--lists. Well, by the end of the day, lists alwasy show me what I didn't do. So I envy Christy and Carla *sigh*

Ok perhaps you shouldn't take any advice from me...LOL It may be hazardous...

gaill, who usually writes crap, but occasionally gets it right said...

Some days I make a list, but I add to the list through the day. What do I add? Not the thousand other things I need to get done but the things I got done that weren't even on the list to start with. Is that cheating? To write on the list "pick up dry cleaning" AND check it off at the same time? It should have been on the list but I forgot it, until I drove past the cleaners. The way I see it is if I needed to do it and it got done I can add it and check it off.
Just a note about the list. Don't overwhelm the list with the 100 things that REALLY need to get done. I try to put just put the few majors on there. For the same reason I don't diet. Filling a page full of things that need to get done and expect that having a list means they will get done is like being on a diet and eating chocolate cake. I feel like a failure every day. Over the last few years I've lost 50 lbs, and haven't dieted one day. I just learned to make choices, and take smaller bites.