Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I think one of the coolest things about writing is all the dreaming I get to do. Not just the stories, but the other stuff. You know what I'm talking about. All the people you'll thank for helping you along the way, the dedication page where you'll thank your husband, wife or significant other for believing in you when you stopped believing in yourself. What your first review will say...4 1/2 stars! Phenomenal talent. Okay yeah, I'm a BIG dreamer.

One of the most frustrating but fun things I've dreamed about is pseudonyms. For various reasons, I don't intend to use my real name, but what should I use? I liked the idea of using my first name and my husband's first name...James as a last name just sounds good to me. But wait, there's already someone with a website with that name...real estate or something. So, I thought St. James. Admittedly I'm giving my husband a little more credit than might be appropriate, but I liked the ring of it...he doesn't.

So, I asked him for suggestions. Big mistake. Here are his favorites:

Reece Withersfork
Christy...and every elderly relatives' last name he could think of. I tried to explain that I don't want to be thinking about one of his elderly relatives when I'm writing a love scene. He seemed surprised.
Christy Erotica...uh, I don't write that hot. People would be greatly disappointed if they bought on my name only.
Christy Buymenow

At that point, I said thanks honey and ran.

What about you? Will you use a pseudonym? Do you already have a one? If so, how did you come up with it?

Oh, and if you can think of something better than Reece Withersfork, feel free to make suggestions!


Carla Swafford said...

I personally like the first name Reece. You know why. :::wink::: So I got out my “Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn. In the back are all the name in the book in alphabetical order. Comes in handy when you want a strong name that starts with a T or R or even a Z.

One thing is if you use a last name that sounds like a first name (James), people might look for the book written by James Reece and will never find Reece James. So I think you need a last name (with Reece) that sounds like a last name. So you probably need two syllables. Your husband wasn’t too far off, but I would stay away from names that sound like celebrities (I know he was teasing).

I always think of what Heather Graham, the NYT best-selling author, said at a conference I attended. She would have copyrighted her name if she’d known an actress would come along with the same name and become famous. Not sure if a person can do that, but you get the idea.

Then Linda Howard said at a meeting once that it’s best to keep your first name. That way if someone tries to get your attention, you’ll turn around. Heaven forbid if someone went away saying you’re a snob since you ignored her and you just didn’t recognize your own name. LOL!

So here’s my suggestions...

Reece Jamison
Christy Rhys (The Welsh verison of Reece)

Myself? I have a pseudonym and it’s my middle name and my mom’s maiden name. But I plan to write under my own name unless the publisher requires me to change it.

Christy said...

Cool, Carla. I like both of these.
Thanks! And I'm so glad you didn't like Withersfork!

MaryF said...

Ok, so my sense of humor loves "Withersfork", but I like Carla's suggestion of Christy Rhy's. That would be a nice sound.

As for me, I have a pseudonym (My middle name), but like Carla, I'll use my real name unless required.

Speaking of names...I need to get the title of that book you mentioned about names. I have just spent WAY too long figuring out character's names.

jennifer echols said...

Oooh, I like both of Carla's suggestions too!