Monday, June 04, 2007

Romance Covers It All

I was looking at my bookshelf the other day and I realized how much book covers have changed. From my old favorites of Johanna Lindsey’s naked man with clothed woman to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s beautiful eyes in gorgeous man’s face. There were flowered covers, some with set-backs and some without. Some with just women on the cover while others with animals (mainly horses).

I never understood why publishers’ art departments would place naked or partially clothed women with clothed men on the covers, especially when they’re to appeal mostly to women.

Nowadays, many of the covers are beautiful works of art. LOL! At least in my eyes. Even if they don’t show their faces - I fill in those areas and others. I do have an imagination I like to use. Let me share.

Well, what covers do you like?

P.S. Oh, one of my favorites is actually a drawing. You can check it out at


JoAnn said...

My husband wandered in while I was "reading" your blog, Carla. He interrupted my concentration, so I had to read it again...and again...

Of the covers shown here, my fave is The Dream Hunger.

Oh boy.

JoAnn said...


Make that The Dream HUNTER.

Can you say Freudian Slip???

Carla Swafford said...


I agree. Sherrilyn's book covers are very nice.

There are so many good covers out there now. Any those that make the book look mainstream. Some nice work. Of course, there are a few I feel sorry for the authors, but I was trying to keep this post postive. :-)

MaryF said...

I like the Dream Hunter, but I am a face person.Its the eyes, the shadow that touches the profile, a curve of an arm that appeals to me.

Then again there is that drawing....

Carla Swafford said...

Yeah. Isn't it so hot? There's one scene...

:::shiver, big gulp:::

Oh, yeah. Great drawing.