Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eggs for Brains

For the past three months, my work buddies and I have been playing Scrabble during lunch. It started with me and my pal, Sande. We asked others if they wanted to join in on the fun and we were surprised to find several people had never played. As the days went by people would stop, lean over our shoulders and offer their advice. Of course, we had to stop that. If you want to play, sit down and play. Otherwise, zip your lip and watch. :::smile::: Kinda like put up or shut up.

We started out with a lot of three letter words. Guess who spelled SEX often. Later we began making longer words. I’m not sure if the game brought in players as much as our laughing. After the board is covered with words, we make up stories. Like the BIG MAN THROWS BATS in the STORE. Sometimes we get naughty with our combinations. I’ll let your imagination figure out the possibilities.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how often I won. Well, just like cards, it’s partly tied up with the draw of the tiles. If you pull mostly vowels (we call it talking Hawaiian), that’s not too bad. But heaven forbid if you pull consonants (we call it talking Russian). It can be discouraging. But I’m the wordsmith. I should win. Don’t I wish.

One thing we do that amazes people is at the end of each game we help each other use the last of the drawn letters. To us, finding that last hidden word is more fun than winning.

What are some of your favorite board games? Have you ever played Scrabble? And what word did you catch yourself spelling all the time?

BTW, the title of this blog is in reference to my bad habit of calling the game Scramble. Sande tells me the game has done that to our brains. LOL!


Barb said...

Hey Carla! We would play Scrabble at the library where I used to work (Childersburg). We would cheat something awful. We would use the blanks and if someone else had that letter, they could exchange it. It kept the 2 blanks in play the entire time. We'd also use the dictionary BEFORE we would lay down a word. ;-)

JoAnn said...

I love Scrabble -- although my husband refuses to play it with me (might have something to do with my refusal to play Risk with him).

But what a great idea to play together at lunch! I'm going to have to find a Scrabble buddy at work. And I love your twist of helping each other at the end -- a very generous spirit!

Carla Swafford said...

Cheating at Scrabble. I NEVER!! LOL! We use the dictionary during the game. We say as long it's to check spelling. LOL!

It's surprising how little it matters in the outcome. Anyway, it helps us learn new words and improve our spelling. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :::grin:::