Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weird Writing

The planets must be in line with each other right now. I’m actually writing again!! It’s amazing how writing block can affect you for months at a time (3 months for me) and then – snap – you’re out of it.

I was stuck on a scene where my heroine had to go shopping for that special dress for that special date. I tried everything from interviewing her to find out why she wasn’t a ‘dress person’ to actually going to the Galleria one Saturday afternoon looking at dresses. (I’m so glad I left my credit card at home…I would have been in sooo much trouble that day!!)
Thanks again to Jenn for forcing me to get that request sent off. That was a major factor in breaking through the block. I had to sit and write my – shudder – synopsis. I couldn’t get out of it. Well, my heroine bought that dress and has now moved on to fighting with her hair…it just does not want to stay curled!!

Also, last weekend I got my baby back!! Oh, how I have missed my laptop!! It’s just an old IBM ThinkPad with just games and Windows 98 but she’s still my baby and is now healthy! I have discovered that my writing process – thanks to Kim and her workshop last month – is more effective when I’m working on my laptop while I’m sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table. I need the TV playing in the background (preferable something I’ve seen 100 times and know by heart) and at least two solid hours to write. I’m not one who can write for 10 minutes here and there although I wish I could.

OK…here’s something weird. Thursday morning I had the lovely experience of sitting in the dentist chair for two hours while getting a temporary crown. Since I was stuck there with cotton wads between my gums, some sort of metal gizmo holding my jaws open and a suction tube hanging out of my mouth, I had nothing better to do but to sit back, close my eyes and let my mind ponder. And what did I ponder about you ask??? Well, for some unknown reason the scene where my hero and heroine first do the dirty popped in my head. I have no idea why, I mean it wasn’t like my dentist was a hottie (well, he might have been say… 40 years ago). So there I sat with my eyes shut, listening to the drill going full speed and I’m watching my characters go at it. Told ya it was weird…but on the bright side, I’ve got a nice start on that chapter. ;-)

Does anyone have any weird brainstorming stories they’d like to share with the class??? I hope I’m not the only weirdo here… ;-)


Carla Swafford said...

So while your tooth got drilled, your hero drilled your heroine. LOL!! That's so weird and so funny!

I use to work on stories before going to sleep, but then I would forget that great idea for the plot by the next morning. Occasionally I'm work on scenes on the way to work, but that's dangerous as I can forget I'm driving.

So I usually place my headset on, play music along the lines of where I'm in the book (action - rock; lovemaking - rock; black moment - hard rock). :::smile:::
Just teasing. I listen to types of music. Really.

But I'm hoping with my bonus in June and my college student getting a job this summer, I will be able to afford a laptop. Probably a refurbished Dell.

I use my AlphaSmart on trips, but rarely at home. Don't know why. Just a mindset I guess.

Christy said...

I don't know if this qualifies as brainstorming, but one of the best writing experiences I've ever had was while sitting in the parking lot of Taco Bell, waiting for it to open. (o;

I had my alphasmart with me. It was quiet and then...blam!

Must have been the anticipation of a burrito that got me going.

jennifer echols said...

Barb, you are welcome! This is wonderful news and so exciting! And if your books are anything like your blogs, you won't have any trouble selling. :)