Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Name with a Face

I remember back when I was in elementary school I would sit at my desk and write stories. I never finished one but I did make it to chapter 5 once. Anyway, when I would get home, I'd go through the Sears or Penney's catalogs to find the perfect pictures of my characters. I would then glue those pictures into my book. At the time I was reading those chapter books with pictures on every other page. Anyway, to this day, I have to find pictures of my characters - major and minor - but now I use the Internet instead of the catalogs.

The characters (modern day royalties) in my trilogy that I'm working on now are all hanging on my cork board over my computer where the two main characters in the first story, Nick and Julianna, are currently glaring down at me. I can just hear them now--- Julianna - "Helloooo, when can I go buy that new dress?" Nick-"Hey, when am I going to get to see Julianna take off said dress?" Me - I'm working on it!!! I want to do something fun and will make us all happy - nothing like eye candy to get the blood pumping and the brain working! I thought I'd share my men with you - be honored - since I'm an only child, I have a hard time sharing my toys...

This is my Nick, the playboy prince - a.k.a. actor Brian Bloom.

This is his older brother Daniel (2nd book in series), the straight laced heir to the throne a.k.a actor Paul Gross (do y'all remember the show Due South? LOVED it!)

This is Dylan (3rd book in the series), protector of Nick and Daniel's baby sister Jade a.k.a. CSI guy George Eads (man, it's getting hot in here - shezzzz)

Do you have that certain guy in your head while you write? Now it's your turn to share. ;-)


Christy said...

Whew! Oh my, that's quite the inspiration, Barbara. Thanks!

As for me, I don't know exactly what my characters look like, but I have a general idea.

Occasionally I'll see a photo and think, "oh, there's one of my guys or gals." But for the most part, I just 'know' what they look like without 'knowing' what they look like...if you know what I mean.

Carla Swafford said...

Rarely do I have an image of the girl in mind, but always of the guy. Michael Easton from One Life to Live has been featured in one of my books. Keanu Reeves in another one.

I wish I could place a picture on my desk, but my husband gets all crazy when I do that. Down, boy!

MaryF said...

That is a great Idea, I used to do that and place the photos on my computer desktop. Then I changed computers...with husbands help and funny...they all dissapeared....

go figure... Now I have to do more research. LOL