Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Living the dream

As I said in the last Southern Magic meeting, my agent is circulating two of my manuscripts right now. Each day I hope I'll get some good news, but mostly...crickets chirping. Kinda like before I was published! I had hoped my editor would stay with the same house and keep buying my manuscripts forever. But multi-published authors had warned me about this: the waiting never ends, no matter how far up the bestseller lists you climb. As my critique partner Victoria Dahl likes to say when we get really frustrated, "We're living the dream, Jenn!"

Yes, having an agent is definitely an improvement over not having an agent (if you're looking for one). Being published is definitely better than not being published. But the strife, the toil, and the obsessive e-mail checking (or is that just me?) definitely don't end when you get The Call. You don't have it made. If I hadn't kept at it, I would be starting all over again now. I never stopped writing, so I have two manuscripts making the rounds and two shots at a book out in 2008. Let this be a lesson to so many of you out there who are on the very brink of publication. Get that Call. Celebrate, baby! But don't stop writing.


Carla Swafford said...

Whenever (note positive thinking) I get THE CALL, I can promise everyone will know. I'll celebrate like I have only ten days to live but at the same time I'll be freaking out...did the editor get my manuscript mixed up with someone else's?

jennifer echols said...

did the editor get my manuscript mixed up with someone else's?

I had that feeling too. It lasted about a year. ;)