Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Write Space

A few days ago, as I wandered through my house--so recently vacated by my two daughters--it hit me: I am an empty nester. Well, maybe not a full-fledged EN because one of my little chickadees is still in college, but an EN in practice anyway. And as I straightened the un-slept-in beds and peered in the trash cans that held no trash, I was tempted to be melancholy.

But a brilliant idea flashed into my sad brain: One of those empty bedrooms would make the perfect office for me! Because that’s what’s been holding me back, isn’t it? No place to write!

I immediately launched a plan of attack: Move this bed here, take out that chair, bring in a desk; monitor goes there, files beside it. And once I’m settled in, I’ll be writing 24/7 and turning out manuscripts faster than Nora Roberts.

Nice thought, eh?

I wrote more when I hauled my daughter to dance class and performances than I have at home. When she wanted to go to the local pub to hang out and dance with her friends, I went along and wrote. I’ve written in my car, in Starbucks, in Panera Bread, and Barnes and Noble. Will I be able to write in my own office?

What is the perfect writing space? Where do you write?

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Carla Swafford said...

Sorta the same thing happened to me. When my eldest daughter moved out, I moved my desk into the left over room (the youngest moved into her larger bedroom). I was in heaven. A room of my own. I hadn't had that since before I married. At the time, it was nearly 30 years. Then my eldest moved back in and my desk moved out. Oh, well. I did write a little more, but I also caught myself taking naps on my keyboard.

Now I'm like you. Both are out of the house, one married and the other in college. I never that empty nest would bother me, but it does a lot. I had so much fun taking them places and watching them have fun, I miss it. And yes. I was a lot better about writing. Anywhere.

It has been nine months and I believe I'm finally getting back into a routine of writing. And I expect by the end of this year and my term on the chapter Board is over, I will improve even more. Hopefully. As I do want to be published and we all know the only why to do that is write, write, write. Send out, send out, send out. LOL!