Monday, April 23, 2007

Sayonara, Sanjaya!

Sayonara, Sanjaya!

Well, last week AMERICAN IDOL said goodbye to Sanjaya. Not to have been that great, he certainly got talked about a lot. But is that good? Does he have a career ahead of him? No one knows. William Hung had something of a career and he never made it past the first audition. I checked Amazon and there's no cds for him past 2004/2005. He did a few tv shows and a commercial with Ryan Seacrest. But where is he now?

Authors come and go, too. Most writers look at THE CALL as the pinnacle, but even after that, you face rejection and even not being able to sell a book.

I wish I possessed the eternal optimism of my cats. Miss Kitty and Little Kitty can go on the porch and see and feel the rain or freezing cold. Yet, in ten minutes, they'll go back to the door, ready to go out again. As if they hold the optimism that the weather has changed for the better.

Well, maybe I should be more optimistic. Last May, yes 2006, I sent my resume to the Chamber of Commerce. Today I receive a call and have an appointment tomorrow.

So, are you optimistic about your writing?

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Carla Swafford said...

Each year I have a harder time being optimistic. The ups and downs of this business can kill you if you let it.

But writing is in my blood now. As I have sweated blood with every word I've ever written in every manuscript I've dreamed up.

So I can't imagine giving up, and I just try to enjoy the small victories.

What about the Chamber of Commerce. Do tell. :-)